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After The Huhnt 2019

The picture, above, show the results of a typical hunt with Adam Smith who appropriately calls his hunting guide service - Perfect Limit.

Please Note

We are running our hunts as usual in these crazy times!

"We got a late start the first day because we needed to go buy licenses, so on that day we hunted along a tidal river and had some good shooting on buffleheads. We also shot a northern shoveler, which they said is extremely rare in that area and a Canada goose. There were some black ducks flying too, but we didn't manage to shoot any.

The next two days we got a very early start and were set up on islands before first light, with strings of eider and oldsquaw decoys in front. Although there weren't tons of ducks around and the action wasn't red hot, we did get plenty of shooting and shot some beautiful sea ducks! We even shot one big drake eider with a band and a transmitter! We also got a very beautiful pair of red breasted mergansers and a big drake white wing scoter. Adam was very helpful in getting 8 of our trophy ducks shipped to our taxidermist in Idaho and we are really looking forwards to getting them back!

Side note: don't let the local guides fool you about the quality of eider meat! If you like waterfowl meat, definitely give it a try. All of them told us that it's fishy and terrible tasting, but we insisted on trying one anyway and it turned out fantastic without any foul flavor at all. I think the trick is to let it age and drain for about a week and then cook to medium rare. I salted and marinated in olive oil and fresh minced garlic and ginger, then grilled on the BBQ for a few minutes.

If you are looking for an outfitter in the Boston area to take you waterfowl hunting, definitely give Perfect Limit a try! They are all very nice guys with a lot of local knowledge and experience and they've got excellent boats and decoys to get you into the birds!"

Scott Lupien
Hunting agent, 52safari.com

What We Hunt

Depending on the time of year, the New England weather and the seasons posted by Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife, you can expect to shoot Common Eider, Surf, White-winged Scoter, Atlantic Brant, Black Ducks, Mergansers, and 7 varieties of Puddle Ducks. Greater Canada Geese are always an option. We have also had our share of King Eiders, one banded. A perfect limit in itself!

Perfect Limit means just that – we strive to send all hunting parties home with the perfect limit of specimens allowed by Massachusetts hunting regulations.

Give Adam a call if you have any questions or would like to book a hunt at 978-818-3238. Thanks!

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