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Shooting Ducks

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After The Hunt 2016

The picture, above, show the results of a typical hunt with Adam Smith who appropriately calls his hunting guide service - Perfect Limit.

“One picture tells the whole story about Perfect Limit. Our hunt started in Adam’s favorite spot on the edge of the flyway where the birds come into Boston Harbor every morning. We were dropped on the beach and told where to sit. Adam put out 75-100 decoys and we talked on radios as shooting time approached. In about 1 hour, we were told to stop shooting, as he had picked up a full limit of mature Eiders and Scoters. We had time to talk about the great hunt and drink some coffee while Adam picked up the decoys. We headed out to one of the outer harbor islands and got the rest of the job done. We shot a full limit of Brant and Black Ducks, with a few Golden Eyes mixed in. By 1:00 in the afternoon, we were at lunch in Kelly’s Roast Beef. The lunch is always included, as are the shells.

This hunt took place in late December, and the New England weather was great. This was our first hunt with Capt. Smith, and we have been back for more over the years and Perfect Limit Guide Service has provided a unique New England sea duck hunting experience us!

As we all know, every hunt is not always like this day, but Adam does his absolute best to make every hunt just like this one.”

Bill Ewald
Appleton, Wisconsin

What We Hunt

Depending on the time of year, the New England weather and the seasons posted by Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife, you can expect to shoot Common Eider, Surf, White-winged Scoter, Atlantic Brant, Black Ducks, Mergansers, and 7 varieties of Puddle Ducks. Greater Canada Geese are always an option. We have also had our share of King Eiders, one banded. A perfect limit in itself!

Perfect Limit means just that – we strive to send all hunting parties home with the perfect limit of specimens allowed by Massachusetts hunting regulations.

Give Adam a call if you have any questions or would like to book a hunt at 978-808-9428. Thanks!

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