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Adam Smith 

Hunting Guide Services

The Perfect Limit Guide Service is designed for the hunter who doesn't want to go to the trouble and expense of buying boats, decoys, and duck blinds.  The hunter who has had one too many long walks through the marsh at 4:00 AM and going home empty handed. The taxidermist that is looking for just the right specimen for his collection.

Our service is fully equipped with decoys, comfortable boats and blinds. We work very hard to make each hunt perfect.  We retrieve all of your birds, but please feel free to bring your own dog.  We accommodate five hunters per day.

Our normal hunt is 1/2 hour before sunrise until we have the birds you are looking for. Hunt usually ends between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM. The afternoon hunts will be determined by the marsh tides and/or weather conditions.

Where We Hunt

Generally, we hunt in and around Boston Harbor, not only enjoying an eventful morning of getting just the right duck, but taking in the skyline of Boston, the lift-off of planes from Logan International Airport, and the varied harbor islands, each with their own character and history. As a matter of fact, we will hunt from the shores of some of these islands, depending on specimens desired and weather conditions. Rocky outcroppings, known locally as “The Five Sisters” and “The Breakwater,” offer a great early morning vantage point for birds as they come into the decoys. Afternoons, we will often venture into some of the inlets, creeks, and marshes of local north shore towns, for inshore hunting, and “up close and personal” jump-shooting. Our goal is to provide you with a satisfying full day of New England duck hunting.


For those who want the adventure of hunting for their own perfect specimen for mounting, we have accommodated many taxidermists from around the country, who will put together a group of local hunters, and travel to New England together. Each day, all birds are inspected by the client and Capt. Smith, and the “keepers” are tagged and frozen. A date is set for when the client wants to receive the birds, and those birds will be shipped in special insulated containers. These are usually sent to the taxidermist of the group, unless otherwise instructed. This method of transport has been successfully used for several years, with no reported problems upon arrival. The bagging, freezing, shipping container, and labor is all included in the cost of the hunt. Capt. Smith is respected by many of the experts to select the best birds for mounting and getting them to your address in perfect condition.

Who Hunts with Perfect Limit?

"I took a group of 6 hunters to hunt with Adam Smith and we had an absolute great time. These guys go out of their way to make sure you collect the ducks you are after. I hunted with his father Capt. Adam Smith several years ago and his son is a chip off the old block when it comes to hunting sea ducks! Top Notch."

Andy Starfield
Jackson, Mississippi

Our client list is a varied one. Perfect Limit will accommodate the needs of all levels of hunters, from the most experienced hunters and collectors, to the recreational enthusiast, to the younger beginners, setting out to experience the tales told to them by their Dads and Granddads, creating stories of their own.

We have a reputation of making every effort to serve the needs of hunters who require specialized accommodations in order to enjoy a comfortable and satisfying hunting experience.

Capt. Smith is an avid promoter of keeping the legacy of duck hunting alive, by supporting and encouraging youth hunts, through a special program for youths, both boys and girls, who may want to accompany their parent on a hunt. If a youngster is of age to obtain a hunting license, then he or she is welcome to join the group.

To Book a Hunt or For More Information

Give Adam a call. He will answer all your questions. He prefers to speak personnaly to all interested hunters rather than through email. He can better explain his services and what you can expect on the hunt. He can be reached at: 978 818 3238, if no answer, please leave a message.