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Testimonials from some of our happy hunters

Eiders for Everyone:
We really didn't know what to expect as we started to unload guns and gear off of the skiff onto the breakwater wall in the predawn light. The rocks were covered with slippery green algae and the only thing that saved us from sliding into the cold waters of Boston Harbor were the barnacles that cut our wader boots and cold hands. Adam shouted over the humming 4 stroke engine that powered his boat, "Steve....I want one person out on the point and two others stretched out back to the West about 20 yards apart....make sure you have the last person on the back side because that is where the Scoters will come from."   ......MORE

Dear Adam,

Thanks again for a fantastic Eider expedition!

I kept two beautiful Common drakes and a hen for Paul to mount!

The “banded” Drake Eider was really special! The notification from the Department of Wildlife noted that it was banded near Bangor, Maine 5/06.

Looking forward to receiving the King Eider drake decoy and hope to see you again one of these days!




Just a note to thank you again for the great time and showing us the history of the area. Calvin is really wound up for the 3-day hunt with his son, Mark, Gary, and me, before Christmas!! I know Gary and I are wanting to get nice Old Squaws and Scoters!!

Hope all is well until we get together again!



Dear Adam,

Hello. This is TJ Roberts. You may not remember me, so I’ll refresh your memory. I came up in mid October, 2008. I came up with my father and we duck hunted. I was so thrilled, because I had never seen so many duck in my life! Duck hunting is my favorite type of hunting.

Other than that I was limited to only seeing wood ducks, blacks, and mallards, but when I came down there, I saw all kinds, including teals, blacks, and mallards. I had only shot blacks, but I came home with three scoters. Not to mention that you had done so much for a kid (me), that you hardly knew that you woke up so early. I mean you may not know looking back how much fun I had, but let me tell you that it was the most fun I had ever had. Even more fun then when I went to Disney World or Williamsburg.


TJ Roberts


Dear Mr. Smith,

Thanks for your dedication to Ducks Unlimited and youth hunters. I had fun!

Tim     (That's Tim on the left)


Hey Adam,

I’ve tried to live my life so as not to have too many regrets when I get older, but there’s something I never got the chance to tell you – I’ve been in sheep, elk, and deer camps in most western states and Canada, but I have never met an outfitter that worked any harder than you do for your clients.

Thanks again for everything!


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